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  1. Our response and action concerning Covid-19

    • We understand that our customers need reassurance that their orders will ship in a timely manner, and we are happy to say that our California warehouse is operational and shipping! We are taking extra precautions in our warehouse for Covid-19 health and safety.

      Read our full response to Covid-19
  2. What are the specs of PUREWAVE?

    • PUREWAVE massagers are developed to deliver the ideal combination of depth (amplitude), RPMs and force. This creates the safest, most impactful percussive massage experience, which you can customize even further to your needs with our swappable tips and variable-speed dial.

      • Stroke Length: ~5mm
      • RPM: Percussion Up to 3,700rpm
      • RPM: Vibration Up to 10,000rpm
      • Run time: Up to 3hrs
      • Weight: CM7 - 1.5lbs, CM5 - 1.35lbs
  3. What do the dual motors do?

    • Our patented dual motors give you the benefit of having a percussion motor and a vibration motor on the same massager. The percussion setting is great for deep tissue massage and dissolving knots. The vibration setting lets you address more delicate tissue— so you might use it on your temples or scalp to help with TMJ pain or migraines, or on other sensitive areas like your knees.

  4. What does the 2-year warranty cover?

    • Our 2 Year Warranty covers against defects in materials and workmanship including the charger, attachments and the massager itself. Abuse and normal wear and tear are not covered. These returns never cost you anything — we’ll send you a pre-paid return label to send back to us.

  5. Will PUREWAVE help my particular ailment?

    • Many people have found great relief by using the PUREWAVE for sciatic pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and much more. We would recommend consulting with your physician prior to purchasing our product.

      For proper ways to use your PUREWAVE, please see our content on our YOUTUBE channel and our website.

      PadoUSA Youtube Channel

  6. Does my PUREWAVE come with batteries? How long does the charge last?

    • The PUREWAVE is equipped with (2) top of the line Lithium-ion batteries (18650). The unit is rechargeable and a charger is included in the box. Our PUREWAVE takes about 1 hour to charge and will last about 180 minutes depending on the model. To maximize your battery life, please keep the unit charged at all times and fully charge the unit every 3-4 months even if you have not used it. Replacement chargers are available for purchase on our site if needed.

  7. Can I purchase PUREWAVE at a store near me?

    • We sell our product through our site and through our Healing Network, all across the US. You can check our dealer locator to see if there is a location near you.
  8. How can professionals join the PUREWAVE Healing Network?

  9. Where is PUREWAVE manufactured?

    • PUREWAVEs are manufactured in South Korea. Pado Inc. is headquartered in Valencia, CA with warehouse location in CA

  10. Am I able to use my Flexible Spending Account?

    • The PUREWAVE is not currently covered by Medical FSA.

  11. How long does shipping take?

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