How to ensure you're getting a real PUREWAVE, instead of a fake 5-star massage

Online marketplaces have become flooded with knockoff products, attempting to cheat consumers and undercut patent-holding models like the original Purewave. Below are some tips to make sure you’re getting a quality massager that delivers REAL relief.

Knockoff manufacturers continue to find many subversive, and often illegal, tactics to compete with the original PUREWAVE. They deceive consumers into believing that they are investing in a quality product, when in fact they are being cheated of their money and the health benefits of real percussive therapy.

"I spent two weeks in the
underbelly of Amazon's fake
review economy — and emerged
questioning our collective trust in
the stars."

"5-star phonies: Inside the fake
Amazon review complex"
by Zachary Crockett

Follow Our Savvy Buyer Tips

Spot “Review Abuse”


Some products on Amazon take advantage of the star-rating system by bribing customers to leave positive reviews or to remove critical 1-star reviews. Beware of these sellers— if your product is quality you shouldn’t have to pay anyone to say so!


Some sellers bribe customers to take down 1-star reviews. This is a more recent phenomena that has a HUGE effect on inflated ratings: it takes four 5-star reviews to make up for each 1-star review. This kind of manipulation is not just unethical, it also cheats consumers of learning unbiased information about a product before they spend their money.

Spot PUREWAVE Knockoffs

PUREWAVE products are ONLY sold on or through our Healing Network. Don’t be fooled by fake listings or unverified resellers like this. Many of these fakes pop up every day.

It’s unfortunate that consumers can no longer really trust a 5-star review. Ultimately, it means that people need to do a little more homework in order to vet the products they’re purchasing and the companies they’re purchasing from.

Hopefully these tips help ensure you get a massager that’s worth your investment, and brings you true relief and relaxation.

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