How the Pure-Wave Helps with Sleep

Posted by Alissa Castaneda on Mar 13th 2018

If you didn’t know already, this week is Brain Awareness Week. Many people suffer from sleep deprivation. Massages can help immensely with insomnia, as well as muscle injuries, anxiety, and much, much more. The Pure-Wave is an effective tool one can use in between visits to their chiropractor or massage therapist. This unique massager offers a deep tissue massage that leaves you feeling improved, relaxed and carefree. Deep tissue massages not only reduce stress and hormone levels, they also increase blood flow by triggering the release of serotonin and therefore boosting your mood.

Muscle injuries do not only occur with professional athletes, they also occur with the everyday person. Most of the time these injuries are minor but sometimes they can be extremely difficult to cope with. Whether you are lifting heavy weights or performing your daily tasks at work, it is very easy to pull a muscle. In cases like these, the Pure-Wave can help you to relieve tension in your muscles and therefore allowing for a good night’s sleep.

Anxiety in itself is hard to deal with but there are many methods to help reduce the causes of anxiety. Our bodies are designed to respond to danger and stressful situations. This requires us to either fight or flight, in which extra levels of cortisol, commonly known as “the stress hormone” are released into our brain. The fight-or-flight response was first described in the 1920’s. Anxiety can be carried in different areas of your body in which the Pure-Wave can help to penetrate deep into your muscles increasing blood flow and circulation. After using the Pure-Wave for about 15-20 minutes in the desired area, you will feel more rested and able to have an uninterrupted sleep.

The Pure-Wave is an essential tool to add to your everyday life. This unique massager will help you to recover from torn muscles and also to help relieve anxiety. Massages are a great way to help with stress and to relax your muscles before bed for a long lasting sleep. It is a great alternative to using sleep aids and you can give yourself a massage all within the comfort of your own home.