Top 5 Golf Injuries

Posted by Travis Frye on Apr 10th 2018

The 0-100 speed of the golf swing can put a tremendous amount of stress on the body; especially on our spine and joints. And majority of golfers today have experienced some sort of golf related injuries listed below. Pure-Wave’s powerful percussion massage helps golfers to prevent injury by loosening up the muscles and improving mobility.

Back Pain – The rotational stresses of the golf swing can place considerable pressure on the spine and muscles. Multiply that with the fact that golfers spend countless hours in a bent-over stance, repeating the same motion endless times, it is no wonder that playing golf can cause muscle spasms in the back that can easily lead to debilitating injuries.

Tendinitis is the most common condition affecting the elbow and wrists to golfers worldwide. Elbow tendonitis is frequently referred to as “tennis elbow” when the inflammation is to the outer tendon, and “golfer’s elbow” when pain is to the inner elbow. The risk of getting tendinitis increases with age and is higher for golfers due to the repetitious nature of the game, impact and the hyperextension at impact.

Knee Pain – Knee pain occurs from the strain placed on the pivot knee to stabilize the rotation of the hip during the downswing. Extreme force placed on the knee can result in torn ligaments and may further exacerbate arthritis over time.

Shoulder Pain – Pain may be felt in the shoulder either at the top of the backswing or on the follow thru of the downswing. Injuries to the rotator cuff can be sustained through traumatic force resulting from poor mechanics, improper warm-up, taking a deep divot, and/or from overuse. Golfers can develop tendinitis, bursitis, and tears in the rotator cuff due to the repetitive motion of the golf swing.

Hip Injuries – The hip joint is vulnerable to injury during golf, since high amount of pressure is placed on the joint and surrounding muscles during the swing. During the golf swing, the external rotation of the hips during a swing can put significant strain on the joint when practiced frequently. It is these rotational and shear forces that cause injuries such as groin strains and low back injuries.


Improving swing mechanics, participating in golf-specific workouts, buying properly fitted equipment, avoiding long practice sessions, always performing a warm up routine before practice and play, and (golf-specific) stretching frequently will help to reduce injuries.

Incorporating Pure-Wave massaging as part of your warm up routine can significantly improve your mobility during your round. And using Pure Wave post round can help heal scar tissue and inflammation of the tendons and muscles.